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Patrick Lord-Remmert sings the National Anthem at the IHSA State Basketball Playoffs

BBCHS Double Vision Hall of Fame as voted on by staff and students of BBCHS.

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As students in the Communications Department at BBCHS, we are proud to bring to the school on a weekly basis, issues and events that mark memorable moments during the year. These are memories that are documented and in a few years will be priceless treasures that allow us to reflect on our time at BBCHS. Now, however, we have the chance to share what we do with the public and we are looking forward to this.

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From the Instructor:

The Communications Department was formed 18 years ago for the purpose of giving students a real-world experience designed to teach them how to produce informational broadcasts using in-house broadcasting capabilities. As the program has grown, we now are able to broadcast on a weekly basis and are proud that not only do we produce what you see samples of here in this WIKI, but we have created an environment that gives students the chance to grow as individuals in the areas of problem solving, conflict resolution, and dealing with the expectations of meeting deadlines while balancing all other aspects of their educational process. We are partnering with community agencies as well which further enhances the students ability to develop appropriate interactions with real-world agencies. These experiences have proven to be invaluable in helping our students prepare for the next level.

I consider myself fortunate to work with these students and the chance to see them as they mature in the educational process.

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Craig Ryan